Amazing MP3 Recorder

Voice Memo + Field Recorder + Call Recorder + Real-time Voice Changer. MP3, OGG, WAV. Themes. Effects.

App is available on Google Play:
Amazing Audio MP3 Recorder

You can download the version 0.10.32 APK directly using this link:
Here is a zip version which includes the APK inside the zip file:

Download text versions of the in-app help. Click on these links to download:
Help for Blind Users
Frequently Asked Questions
Help for Cosplay Users

Download zip versions of the text files. Click on these links to download:
Help for Blind Users – zip version
Frequently Asked Questions – zip version

Translating the app

If you are a translator who wants to update a translation, you can download the language file from below and then edit it to correct a translation, or translate the phrases which are in English.

If you want to translate for a new language, download the English version from below, and replace the English phrases with translations in your language, and then e-mail us the file.

If you cannot work with the XML format, we can provide a text format or some other format. Just e-mail us for help.

The first file below is the read me file which for translators so they know which phrases have changed, and need translation. So it will serves as guide to quickly find things which need to be translated.

Readme for Translators

Right-click and click on Save in your browser, to save these to your computer:

Chinese Traditional (Taiwan)
Portuguese (Brazil)
Spanish (Spain)

Google Play Description:

***** 5-star reviews!!
– Best no-nonsense audio recorder I’ve found
– A truly outstanding audio recorder
– Its so blind friendly
– Wowwww Wowwwww
– This app deserves the word Amazing
– Great app, constantly improving
– Records like a dream
– By far the most functional call recorder
– The affects are so good this replace all other voice changing apps on my phone


– Voice Recorder
– Lecture / Field Recorder
– Effects (monitor in earphones)
– Voice Changer (real-time Cosplay)
– Call Recorder (Samsung, Nexus – use Menu – Contact Us)

– Background recording
– Record with Power button (while screen locked!)
– Tested 100 hour continuous (2.4GB)

– TalkBack/blind user friendly!
– Tasker and NFC button support (see Help – FAQ)

Free / Paid (free trial)
No Ads
Paid: MP3, Themes, Voice Changer, Call Recorder (auto outgoing)
Free: Call Recorder (manual incoming/outgoing, auto incoming), WAV/OGG, Field Recorder and all other features are free!

Note: One donation unlocks all features (Menu – Donate)
Note: All paid features (except MP3) are free for TalkBack, Shine Plus screen reader users

Controls for Record/Pause/Stop
– Buttons
– Widgets
– InstantRecord, RecordStop launchers
– Notification Always On button (turn On)
– Volume (up/down/down-long-press)
– Headset (click/double-click/long-press)
– Power button (3 clicks) Record/Stop, or (4 clicks) Record/Pause/Stop (choose in Settings – Record Controls)
– Proximity sensor (Ear Detect) bring to ear / flip phone on table
– speak “Ok Google open Instant Record” to record
– Gestures (Settings – Show Buttons). Full screen:

Avoid TalkBack sounds in recording: use Gestures, Ear Detect, Headset.
Volume Buttons don’t work for TalkBack, but do for Shine Plus.

Heads-up (walking/jogging)
– Large Buttons (visible in sunlight)
– Vibration Feedback
– Sound Feedback (Settings – Vibration & Sound)
– Remove buttons (Settings – Show Buttons)

NOTE: to avoid vibration in recording, reduce Vibration Duration/increase Record Delay settings

Lecture / Field Recorder / Voice Changer
– Volume Boost
– 3-band Equalizer (reduce noise, increase bass)
– Pitch (giant or chipmunk)
– Voice Changer (voice impression)
– Monitor/Cosplay: plug earphones/ext speakers, then Record

Call Recorder
– Samsung
– Nexus
– some Moto G 2nd Gen (not Moto X)
– Help – Call Recorder for other app suggestions

Voice Changer (real-time)
– Dark Father
– Rylo Ken
– Dane
– Exterminator
– Space Trooper
– Captain Phase
– Badman
– Optimal Prime
– Uldron
– P3CO
– Collum
– Smug

Note: plug cable (male-to-male) to external speakers, THEN press Record. Keep volume low initially

– Flat/Daily Folders (default)
– custom Recordings/Cloud/Call folders
– move to Trash/Favorite/Cloud sub-folders (organize recordings)
– Recordings/Cloud/Call folder buttons!
– Synch folders to cloud (DropSync app)
– easy Play last recording
– Share (Skype, Email, WhatsApp)
– set Ringtone, Notification, Alarm sound (manage – Settings – File Management)

File Managers
– OI File Manager (built-in)
– Total Commander (best for TalkBack users)
– ES File Explorer
– X-plore File Manager
– ES File Explorer Pro

Compression Format
– MP3 (paid)
– OGG, WAV (32-bit float on Marshmallow+)

Sample Rate
– 8000 to 48000 Hz
– 88.2kHz, 96kHz, 172kHz, 192kHz (Marshmallow+)

Stereo for wide range of devices
– Moto X / Moto G
– Nexus 5 (Lollipop)

NOTE: Nexus 4 does not support stereo

Audio Source for Mono/Stereo
– Normal
– Top microphone
– RAW (no auto-gain/no noise-reduction)

– using widgets: 52 MB
– app: 170 MB

Battery savings
– Settings – Dim Screen on timeout
– Dim Screen near ear (Ear Detect)
– Tested 34+ hours recording on single battery charge on Samsung Note 4