Amazing Audio MP3 Recorder

Voice Memo + Field Recorder + Call Recorder. MP3, OGG, WAV. Themes. Effects.

App is now available on Google Play:
Amazing Audio MP3 Recorder

You can download the version 0.10.14 APK directly using this link:
Here is a zip version which includes the APK inside the zip file:

Download text versions of the in-app help. Click on these links to download:
Help for Blind Users
Frequently Asked Questions
Help for Cosplay Users

Download zip versions of the text files. Click on these links to download:
Help for Blind Users – zip version
Frequently Asked Questions – zip version

Google Play Description:

Voice Recorder, Field Recorder and Call Recorder in one app!
Improved version of Amazing Audio Voice Recorder

Paid features: MP3, Themes.
Everything else is completely FREE, without advertising!
Manual incoming/outgoing call recording is free. And Automatic Incoming Call recording is also free.
Automatic Outgoing Call recording is paid (free for TalkBack, Shine Plus and other screen reader users)

Premiere Audio Memo, Field Recorder and Call Recorder on Google Play!

Improves Amazing Audio Voice Recorder and adds great new features:
– Background recording (34 hour tested)
– Widgets and Notifications
– Choice of 4 File Managers
– Cloud folder (use with DropSync app)
– Ringtone, Notification, Alarm sound management
– MP3 (paid, with free trial)
– Themes for background (paid, with free trial)
– UI and Accessibility improvements for TalkBack users
– Keep Notifications-Always-On for quick access
– Earphone monitoring during Record/Pause
– Call Recording
– Tasker and NFC button support (see Help – FAQ)

Heads-up use (walking/jogging):
– Large buttons (visible in sunlight)
– Vibration Feedback
– Sound Feedback

Ear Detect (uses proximity sensor):
– Bring phone to ear to record
– Flip the phone over on table to record/pause

Field Recorder:
– Plug in Earphones for real-time monitoring
– Adjust Volume, Equalizer and Pitch in real-time
– Volume Boost lectures
– 3-band Equalizer (reduce noise, increase bass)
– Pitch control (sound like a giant or a chipmunk)

Record/Pause/Stop using:
– Volume Buttons
– Headset button
– Ear Detect
– or use Widgets and Notifications
– speak “Ok Google open Instant Record” to record
– Power button (3 clicks)

Compression formats:
– MP3 (paid, with free trial)
– WAV uncompressed

Stereo for wide range of devices:
– Moto X and Moto G support
– Nexus 5 (running Lollipop) support
NOTE: some devices like Nexus 4 do not support stereo

Audio Source:
– Normal
– Top microphone
– RAW unprocessed (no auto-gain, no noise-reduction)

Sample Rate:
– 8000 to 48000 Hz

Battery savings:
– Dim Screen on timeout
– Dim Screen near ear

Powerful full-featured file management!
– OI File Manager (built-in)
– Total Commander (best for TalkBack users)
– ES File Explorer
– X-plore File Manager
– ES File Explorer Pro

File Management:
– Flat / Daily Folders
– Customize Recordings Folder, Cloud and Call Folders

Action on last recording:
– Play
– Rename
– Share
– set as Ringtone, Notification, Alarm sound
– move to Trash/Favorite sub-folders or Cloud folder
NOTE: on-the-spot organizing into Trash, Favorites, Cloud sub-folders saves time later!

Cloud Folder:
– move last recording to Cloud Folder (use DropSync app to mirror to Dropbox)
– Customize Cloud Folder

Ringtone Management:
– set last recording as Ringtone, Notification, Alarm sound
– manage Ringtone, Notification, Alarm folder, and change default sounds

– Themes (some are free, rest are paid feature)
– Show or Hide buttons from screen
– Vibration Duration
– Record Delay (avoid vibration in recording)
– Sound Feedback channel
– Confirm on Exit
– Reset Settings (experiment with settings, then reset)
NOTE: only voice recorder with ability to reduce button clutter (Show or Hide Buttons)

Visually impaired and blind users:
– Extensively tested by blind users
– Designed with feedback from Eyes-Free Google Group
– High marks for TalkBack friendliness
– Earphone real-time monitoring
– Headset control of recording
– Ear Detect for button-less control – allows to record without TalkBack voice appearing in recording
– Vibration and Sound Feedback enable heads-up use
– Record, Pause, Stop, Play buttons remain clickable even while browsing first level Menu and Help screens
NOTE: Volume Buttons to record doesn’t work for TalkBack users, but will work for Shine Plus users.
NOTE: TalkBack and Shine Plus are screen readers for blind and visually impaired users.