Hi-Res Audio Recorder

Hi-Res Audio Recorder is available on Google Play:

Hi-Res Audio Recorder

You can download the version 0.10.72 APK directly using this link:
Here is a zip version which includes the APK inside the zip file:

Google Play description:

High-Quality audio recorder:
– multi-part WAV (record longer than 4GB file size)
– compress OGG
– compress MP3

There are no ads. MP3 is a paid feature.

100+ hours continuous recording tested. 34+ hours recording on single battery charge (Note 4).

WAV uses the full capabilities of Hi-Res Audio certified Android devices – 16-bit/32-bit at 8kHz to 48kHz (and 88.2kHz, 96kHz, 172kHz, 192kHz for Marshmallow+ devices).

This app improves on the layout in our other app: Amazing MP3 Recorder, while retaining the same features. For a feature list, see the Description for Amazing MP3 Recorder:


The side-buttons have been moved up to the top, for a more Material Design look. Folder buttons are at top-left and Settings at top-right. Some users prefer this version of the app. The Effects, Actions and Menu overlay (which appear on left and right side of screen – so Record buttons are still visible) behave as before i.e. they can be dismissed by pressing on blank area of that overlay, or by pressing Back button.