Darth Talk Voice Changer DTVC

Talk like Darth Vader !

Record your voice, then play to sound like Darth Vader (the former Anakin Skywalker) of Star Wars fame.

If you use this app to create a video, you can send us a link to the youtube video (please mention the app name in your video description) which we may include in a compilation video for the Google Play listing.


These links will redirect to an external website (YouTube, IMDB):

App Videos
A playlist of our videos on YouTube

Original Videos
A playlist featuring original footage or audio on YouTube

Impression Videos
A playlist featuring voice actors and their impressions/impersonations of characters

Impressions this week
Returns the YouTube search results for the latest impression videos

IMDB quotes
Use this IMDB quotes webpage to practice your impression

These links are mainted on this website:

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DISCLAIMER – ownership of copyright works:

Darth Vader is a character from the movie Star Wars which is the property of LucasFilm.

Bane is a character from a Batman movie (The Dark Knight Rises) and is the property of the movie makers.

The publisher of this app is in no way associated with the producers and copyright owners of those movies.

The character graphics have been provided so fans of those characters can visually recognize which version of the app is associated with what type of voice. The apps are primarily voice changer apps and employ audio filtering and mathematical techniques. Use of character graphics that are reminiscent of characters from the movies is fair use as a means to identify the type of voice the app can produce. However if the owners of the works wish for alternate graphics to be used (that are of a more unrecognizable form but still suggestive of the original character), we will be happy to comply with more abstract art. We are not suggesting in any way that the app is endorsed by the movie makers, or is the only way to produce such audio effects.