Bane Talk Voice Changer BTVC

Talk like Bane !

Record your voice, then play to sound like Bane of The Dark Knight Rises (Batman) movie fame.

NOTE: There is still some work to be done with the voice quality – so watch for updates to voice quality.

Please send us links to your YouTube videos for inclusion in the Bane impression playlists. If you use the app, a mention of the app name in the description would be appreciated.

NOTE: Android 2.2 pre-2.3.3 owners – please e-mail us and we will send you a version of the app that you can test on your device. If it works, we will allow download of the app for those Android versions as well.


Use the Menu – Ringtone setting to set the ringtone.


– HTC Desire running 2.3.3 (runs well)
– Samsung Galaxy Note running 4.0.3 (runs well)
– HTC One X running 4.0.3 (runs well – however the noise reduction feature of these phones tends to blunt the sharpness of the audio and reduces it in volume – use Volume Boost to increase recording volume).
– HTC Wildfire S (runs well)

– recording and playing done with thumbs in landscape mode (like a game console).
– a single tap on the Record areas will start the recording which is time limited (for this reason the app is safe for use by kids as you cannot get unlimited sized recordings)
– a single tap on the Play area will start the playback of the recording
– tap on the Adjust area to adjust for a deeper voice – within the Deeper Voice screen, tap on the Volume Boost to increase/decrease the recording volume, tap on Menu for sharing etc. options.
– tap on the Breathe (Darth Talk only) to see what your breathing should sound like if done correctly. For unrelated reasons, a Meow is also provided.
– the app is usable in speakerphone mode (because the volume is quite high and it will record even when you are far away from the phone – although background noise will start to dominate if you are very far away).
– Menu button also on-screen – saving files is fast 3-tap process.

– Record in quiet surroundings for best results.
– if your phone is not playing at full volume, press the volume buttons WHILE playing the audio to set the “Media Volume” or “Music Volume” (on android phone just pressing the volume buttons when nothing is playing will only affect the ringtone volume). Or you can use the excellent AudioManager app from Smart Android Apps to set “Media Volume” or “Music Volume” to max.
– on phones with a lower recording volume – like the HTC One X – use the Volume Boost to increase recording volume.


– Use the ADJUST setting to make your voice deeper. Children should set this to 5 or higher in order to create a deeper voice. Adult men will range from -2 to 2 and women may need to set it above 5 or 6. If you set this to -0 you will sound like a chipmunk. Changes will only affect the new recordings you make.

– The VOLUME BOOST setting can be used to increase the recording volume – however it also increases the background noise. Alternatively to reduce the impact of background noise, you can speak closer to the microphone, but set VOLUME BOOST to -9 (low). This will reduce the impact of background noise. Avoid breathing directly into the microphone. Changes will only affect the new recordings you make.

– The MENU screen allows you to save, view saved files, share and e-mail. You can also send us feedback using the links there.

– The LINKS screen has links to YouTube playlists, IMDB quotes.


The app requires that OI File Manager – which is a free and open-source app produced by – be available on your device. If it is not available, you will be sent to the Google Play Store to download it whenever you try to view your saved files (Menu – Folder).


This app requires an SD card be available. You will not be able to record or play if you do not have an SD card installed on your device.

The recorded voice is saved to your phone’s SD card at /sdcard/StereoMatchVC/record.wav Some newer phones like the Samsung Galaxy Note include both an internal SD card (at sdcard/) as well as an external SD card (at /sdcard/external_sd/). On these phone the files will be saved to the internal SD card.

The Darth Talk Voice Changer (DTVC) and Bane Talk Voice Changer (BTVC) apps both use the same /sdcard/StereoMatchVC/ directory, and share the same record file (record.wav). This means you CAN listen to what was recorded with DTVC in BTVC and vice versa.

This recorded file (record.wav) is overwritten whenever you make a new recording. To save, click on Menu – Save and a copy will be saved.

For BTVC it is:
For DTVC it is:

The filename will contain the timestamp (YYYY_MM_DD-HH_MM_SS.wav) – this ensures a unique filename is created.


In addition, whenever you perform the “Share” (Menu – Share) and “Email” (Menu – Email) actions to share your recording (record.wav) with others, a copy of what you shared is ALSO stored locally (in subdirectories “shared” and “emailed”). This ensures that the file sending operation can operate normally and in the background, while you continue to record more sounds. In addition, this provides you a record of what sounds were sent out to others. You can delete these file later with the included file manager functionality.


This is the structure of the files and directories that are created on your SD card:








– android.permission.RECORD_AUDIO (required to record audio)
– android.permission.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE (required to save recorded audio to SD card)
– android.permission.WRITE_SETTINGS (required to use the “set as ringtone” feature)

– android.permission.INTERNET (required to fetch ads)
– android.permission.ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE (required to fetch ads)
– android.permission.READ_PHONE_STATE (required to fetch ads for Greystripe ad network)


Varying degree of support – mostly the main text screens – for these languages:

de – german
es – spanish
ja – japanese
ko – korean
fr – french
it – italian
no – norwegian
ru – russian
sv – swedish
tr – turkish
uk – ukrainian
zh-rCN – simplified chinese (china)
zh-rTW – traditional chinese (taiwan)
da – danish
nl – dutch
el – greek
fi – finnish

If you would like to send in a better translation, please use the e-mail address for localization below.


– There is currently a time limit on the recording length – this is a design choice to limit size of audio files on the SD card. A reduced time limit means the app can be used safely by children without the risk of creating huge sound files on the phone.

– There can be slight half-second delay before recording starts (start indicated by reddish background change) which can confuse some kids initially who may double-tap on the Record instead.

– The recorded voice is saved to your phone’s SD card at /sdcard/StereoMatchVC/record.wav – on phones like the Samsung Galaxy Note (which have an internal SD card at /sdcard/ and an external sdcard at /sdcard/external_sd/) the file will be saved to the internal SD card.

DISCLAIMER: Your recorded voice is only saved on your device and copies or variations of it will NOT be sent to any other server (unless it is explicitly allowed via a Share request by you).

DISCLAIMER – ownership of copyright works:

Darth Vader is a character from the movie Star Wars which is the property of LucasFilm.

Bane is a character from a Batman movie (The Dark Knight Rises) and is the property of the movie makers.

The publisher of this app is in no way associated with the producers and copyright owners of those movies.

The character graphics have been provided so fans of those characters can visually recognize which version of the app is associated with what type of voice. The apps are primarily voice changer apps and employ audio filtering and mathematical techniques. Use of character graphics that are reminiscent of characters from the movies is fair use as a means to identify the type of voice the app can produce. However if the owners of the works wish for alternate graphics to be used (that are of a more unrecognizable form but still suggestive of the original character), we will be happy to comply with more abstract art. We are not suggesting in any way that the app is endorsed by the movie makers, or is the only way to produce such audio effects.

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New demo videos for Bane Talk Voice Changer BTVC available now !

The first video demonstrates the basic functionality of the free app for Android.
Bane impression – BTVC voice changer – free app Android

The second video highlights a more complicated example – how to make a 12 year old sound like Bane.
Bane impression – BTVC voice changer – 12 year old Bane

The quality of the voice acting is important for a Bane impression in order to get Tom Hardy’s voice inflections correct – and slightly more complicated than Darth Vader – see Darth Talk Voice Changer DTVC app.

The videos demonstrate using the “Deeper Voice” and “Volume Boost” settings to change the quality of the voice. They also demonstrate sharing via E-mail, and sharing via other apps like Skype, SoundCloud, Dropbox and others. They also show how to manage the audio files created using the OI File Manager (the app gives you the option of downloading the free and open-source OI File Manager if you don’t already have it installed on your device).


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