Amazing Audio Voice Recorder app for Android

UPDATE June 18, 2014: Amazing Audio Voice Recorder is now LIVE on Google Play at Amazing Audio Voice Recorder

We have restricted the Google Play version to only support Android 4.0 and above devices – in order to minimize hardware issues with earlier Android devices.

However, you can download an APK from here which will run on Android 2.2 and above devices.

Download the version for Android 2.2 and above devices: AmazingAudioVoiceRecorder_0_9_33_api8.apk
Here is a zip version which includes the APK inside the zip file:

Download text versions of the in-app help. Click on these links to download:
Help for Blind Users
Frequently Asked Questions

The app has now completed blind-accessibility testing with users on the eyes-free forum. Warren Carr from the Eyes-Free google group had this to say:

there are tons of recording apps out there on the Play Store, but this one stand above them all! Unlike most that don’t give a hoot about folks with disabilities, this one took notice and made the app accessible to blind users as well. This will definitley have a 5 star rating once it hits the Play Store.

We are seeking feedback and feature requests from the general public now before we release it on Google Play. Download the Beta now for Android 2.2 and above devices: AmazingAudioVoiceRecorder_0_9_21_beta_api8test.apk

If you are having difficulty downloading the APK, here is a zip file that contains the APK file inside it:

If you are upgrading from an earlier version, please use Menu – Reset Settings to get to the recommended settings first, before you start using the app. You will need to enable Unknown Sources in android settings to install the APK.

Best FREE audio recorder for voice memo recording. Fast Pause and fast Resume. Start recording without the need to press buttons. Start audio recording without the need to look at the screen. Move phone near your Ear to Record. Pause by moving phone away from your Ear. Start recording when Phone is placed face-down on a table. Pause when Phone is face-up. Or use Volume Buttons or Headset button. Record or Pause or Stop. Listen to Stereo Recording in real-time on ear-phones. Large buttons visible in sunlight. Vibrations when you Record or Pause or Stop. Tested by blind users. Uncompressed WAV or OGG compression. Stereo Recording. Increase the sensitivity of audio recording. Reduce Noise. Record lectures.
Directly run Smart Voice Recorder and Easy Voice Recorder from our app! For call recorder – see section below.

– Ear Detect to fast Record/Pause or Record/Stop – Phone to Ear for easy voice recording
– Headset button to Record/Pause/Stop
– Volume Buttons to Record/Pause/Stop

– Listen to Audio Recording – Real-Time using Ear-phones or Headset
– Vibrate feedback indicates recording state

– Volume Boost 16x to record lectures – easily record a whisper from across a large quiet room
– Noise reduction – reduce noise esp. with Volume Boost recordings

– Stereo Recording (when supported by device – Nexus 4 and 5 do not, but most Samsung devices do)
– Microphone choice on device (Bottom/Top microphone or unprocessed RAW bottom microphone)

– Uncompressed WAV recording
– Compressed OGG recording – open standard and better than MP3
– Choice of Sample Rates

– Unique name based on date/time
– Daily Folders or Flat – for easier recording organization
– Choose Recording Folder

– E-mail/Share recordings – easy recording sharing with friends
– Play recordings with other players or editor apps

– OI File Manager (built-in)
– Total Commander File Manager (better for blind-accessibility with TalkBack)
– use power of Total Commander plugins for FTP, Dropbox and other tasks!

– Dim Screen on Timeout – save battery power

– Show or Hide buttons on screen
– Record without any buttons (thanks to Ear Detect and Vibrate feedback)

– Directly run apps of your choice by pressing a button! – run Smart Voice Recorder or Easy Voice Recorder or any of your installed apps!

– Visible in sunlight
– Visible from 20 feet away indoors
– Counter instantly indicates recording state

– Buttons directly under Thumb (left/right-handed)
– Dim Screen near Ear – touchscreen disabled near Ear

– Less silent space in recordings – because it is easier to Pause
– Play button remembers last recording made – useful to jog your memory about what you were saying

– No background recording – you CAN turn on Airplane Mode to avoid interruptions and record long lectures
– No phone call recording – you CAN turn on speakerphone and voice record with our app. Or use Run App 1 2 3 buttons to directly run other background voice recorders like Smart Voice Recorder or Easy Voice Recorder

– Google has imposed a limitation in KITKAT+ – apps CANNOT use external SD card for permanent storage. Samsung has been affected in their KitKat update. Ask your manufacturer if they will fix this issue in an update.

– Vibrate
– Record_Audio
– Write_External_Storage (saving audio)
– Internet
– Access_Network_State
FOR TAPJOY (to remove ads):
– Read_Phone_State
– Access_WiFi_State

– Send suggestions to developer e-mail: amazingaudiovoicerecorder AT