New demo videos for Bane Talk Voice Changer BTVC

New demo videos for Bane Talk Voice Changer BTVC available now !

The first video demonstrates the basic functionality of the free app for Android.
Bane impression – BTVC voice changer – free app Android

The second video highlights a more complicated example – how to make a 12 year old sound like Bane.
Bane impression – BTVC voice changer – 12 year old Bane

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The quality of the voice acting is important for a Bane impression in order to get Tom Hardy’s voice inflections correct – and slightly more complicated than Darth Vader – see Darth Talk Voice Changer DTVC app.

The videos demonstrate using the “Deeper Voice” and “Volume Boost” settings to change the quality of the voice. They also demonstrate sharing via E-mail, and sharing via other apps like Skype, SoundCloud, Dropbox and others. They also show how to manage the audio files created using the OI File Manager (the app gives you the option of downloading the free and open-source OI File Manager if you don’t already have it installed on your device).

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